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 Price list

Please find the prices for our ForróCamp below. We are offering you different packages so that you can choose how much comfort you need :)

Please be aware, that the deposit is not refundable. The cancellation policy is strict. If you have to cancel, we will not refund the deposit. The amount above the deposit will be refunded if you have canceled until the 1st of April. 

The availability of packages depends on your accommodation. If you want to stay with us at the camp please understand that you have to choose a minimum package of 100€. If you prefer to book a smaller package, that´s totally fine. In this case please book your accommodation with one of the hostels/hotels or campgrounds in the neighborhood.

Accommodation and Meals

If you stay at the camp:


Early Bird (until 15.02.2024)...........€230

Late Bird.......................................€300

Partypass .....................................€150

(all parties included)

Children .......................................€100


2 days (Friday and Saturday) and 3 parties (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

If you choose the weekendpass, please be aware that we can´t offer accommodation.

Accommodation 7 nights: 11.08.24 to 18.08.24
Bungalow (6 / 8 beds): 340,00 EUR
Main house:
1bed-room: sold out
2bed-room: sold out
3bed-room: sold out
4bed-room: sold out
Camping: 300,00 EUR p.p.

Tinyhouse 1 (up to 4): sold out
Tinyhouse 2 (up to 6): sold out
Baumhaus (Double bed): sold out

(You can book the accommodation at the camp DURING the booking of your festival ticket. After Reservation we will give you a booking confirmation also about the disponibility of your accommodation)

If you prefer to stay outside of the camp here are some possibilities:

Regenbogen Ferienanlage Suhrendorf

Tel.: 038305 82234; 04312372370,

Die Surfstation befindet sich auf dem Regenbogencamp.  Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 20 Min.

Pension Haide-Hof

Tel.: 038305 55360 | | Einzel+ Mehrbettzimmer 

Fußweg zur Surfschule ca. 25 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 5 Min.

Pension & Hostel Windrose

Tel.: 038305 53444 | | Einzel+ Mehrbettzimmer sowie Gruppenunterkunft

Fußweg zur Surfschule ca 25 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 5 Min.

Ferienwohnungen Fam. Leistikow | | Tel.:038305 8115 | Direkt am Deich.

Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 25 Min.

Einzigartige Unterkunft im Zirkuswagen "Eutopia" **** | | Tel.: 01577 5344 818 | Direkt am Deich |

Fußweg zur Surfschule 10 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 25 Min.


Entspannen auf der Chillymilly

zur Webseite | Tel.: 0173 6312926 | Linda

Fußweg zur Station ca. 5 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 15 Min.

Ferienwohnungen im Reetdach Ferienhaus auf Ummanz

zur Webseite | Tel.: 01712081046 | Ronald Kalitzki

Fußweg zur Station ca. 15 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 10 Min.


Ferienwohnung Windflüchter, sehr schöne & geräumige Ferienwohnung | | Tel.: 0174 6840509 |

Fußweg zur Surfschule ca 15 min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 35 Min.

Ferienhaus Funke

Tel.: +491633731538 | Fußweg zur Station ca 15 min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 25 Min.

Ferienobjekt "Alte Försterei"

Frau Kater 038305 82199 | Fußweg zur Station 25 Min. Fußweg zum Rügen Surf Hostel ca. 15 Min.

Success! Message received.

This is your binding reservation. After sending your request to us, we will send you an email with details about the camp and how to go on.


After sending us your reservation (left side) for your pass please go ahead with the transfer of the deposit of €150. You can do your payment via bank transfer.

If you decide for a different pass please send the full amount by bank transfer.

Please be aware that your place only can be booked after receiving the deposit/payment.

Bank transfer:

Holder: Sarah-Linda Stotz

IBAN: DE65360700240433627700


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